This strange and somewhat haunting photograph that I found on Del.icio.us was a good find in itself, but even better, it led me to JPEG Magazine which could just be a great resource if you're teaching photography.

Every month, JPEG runs a couple themes. For example, this month's themes are "Noir", "Split Second", and "Surroundings". In response to the theme, users upload submissions, which can be critiqued and favored by other viewers. Sort of like Flickr, right? Here's the difference - JPEG magazine will publish the highest rated photos and hand out a cool $100 prize to boot.

If you are teaching a photography class, and your themes work with JPEG's - or if you're looking for a monthly theme to guide some projects, this could be a great opportunity to get some student work out in the public eye.


  1. shebaduhkitty said...
    great! another site to get lost on for hours looking and voting on coolio photos! no, thanks, really...
    dsgran said...
    Ha! Welcome to my world... ;)

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