Life After Bugs

Back in the very early days of the Revolution, there was a post about the anatomy of cartoon characters in the form of Michael Palus' brilliant skeletons of cartoon characters. Artist Hyungkoo Lee takes this idea a step further and creates a series of beautifully realistic sculptures that employ a mix of actual animal bones and synthetic material.

[The intention is] to analyze anatomical structures and physical forms of animation characters, within the hypothesis to visualize their possible anatomical foundation.

If you're teaching a cartooning class, a project in which you imagine the skeleton of your characters could give greater insight as to how the character moves, or looks from different points of view.


  1. Steve Lafler said...
    As a cartoonist who has spent a large chunk of my career drawing bug characters (who play Jazz music), I got a real kick out of your post on Cartoon skeletons.
    It reminds me of the sculpture/taxidermy of Los Angeles artist/cartoonist/animator Krystine Kryttre.
    dsgran said...
    Hey Steve,
    Glad you enjoyed it! I don't know Kryttre, but I'll have to google her when I get back from our break. Thanks for the tip!

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