Creation and Destruction

In response to yesterday's post on online graffiti by Rey Rey, Lilliodillo points us to an ongoing conversation on her blog, Arts Learning Interactive about the tension graffiti and tagging create between creation and destruction. Be sure to check out her post about Tagging as Metaphor.

The picture above comes from The Wooster Collective. The source is unknown, but its such a brilliant piece of sight-specific art.


  1. Lindsay said...
    I believe the line between public art and good graffiti is a permit.

    If you've not heard of him, look at Banksy's work. It's both thought provoking, really well done (spray paint, even when stencils are used is just as hard to master as any other media) and just very funny.

    Watch his videos, too. They're neat. He snuck his art into museums.

    I'm sure you've already heard of him if your students are looking up graffiti, but i'm just saying, if you haven't.
    dsgran said...
    Hey Lindsy! I'm indeed familiar with Bansky, I've even mentioned him here in the past. In fact, over christmas wen i was visiting New York, I went to see his show at a gallery in Chelsea. Of course, its not the same to see his work out of context (i.e. behind frames instead of on the street), but still, you get the point, and his images are powerful- even behind a frame.

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