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I'm sure I'm not the only one who has students with a penchant for graffiti art. The question is, where can they do it without defacing someone else's property? Well, here's your temporary answer: graffiti/playdo. This site has private walls and public ones. The public ones have multiple "artists" simultaneously working on one wall.

-rey rey


  1. lilliodillo said...
    I think this is one of the many amazing technology-based artistic appropriations of the graffiti visual experience. The continual problem that arises for students that are determined to tag is that these artistic endeavors are supported and encouraged by many of their authority figures. What some of these tagging students want is to have an opportunity to gain recognition as valid artists among their peers. Websites like this one (or others) can facilitate that recognition in a safe environment that may get more traffic than the storm drains and alley walls that writers might have chosen as alternatives. On the other hand, some of these students want to exert the only power they feel they have: the power to alter the physical state of private property. Some taggers in this category won't be deterred by alternatives since the goal is defacement. There's more to it than that, I realize, but I'll continue my rant on my blog, since tagging is an ongoing thread.
    Anonymous said...
    my name is Carot 2 and im a graff writer my self. I stumbled upon this web site and feel obligated as an artist to speak on behalf of many artist out there. Graffiti is seen by ordinary people to be vandilization but the truth is it is art. Like any other artistic revolution this art form may not be accepted now but it will not be abandoned and will not change for any greater good. instead graffiti will become a part of and countiue to reflect sociaty with no censor and no limit. The reason for defacing public as well as private property is the same reason why our local polititions post their names on our every corner or why big biusnesses posts thier ads up high above the cities... for recognition. Graffiti writers write in order to have their name known by the millions. which is why web sites such as playduo.com which only allows for little public awareness and no recognition by anyone who doesnt write graffiti.
    Rey Rey said...
    i agree that students want to "exert the only power they feel they have", and find "recognition". They want a stake on reality. I also agree with "anonymous" that everyone wants the same thing, (i.e. businesses, politicians). Creating appropriate venues for how that gets expressed (whether for students or adults) is the larger question. For me, I love teaching my students about graffiti art, but I also don't want them tagging the park where I take my kids. Discussing these issues is precisely the educational point. Making the artwork is the expression of that point, whether it's public or not.

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