I'm currently sitting in the "share alike" at the EARCOS conference with a group of art educators from all around the region. I'm putting a few notes down here to share some of the interesting ideas that are mentioned.

Cheryl uses Voicethread to help her IB students get used to talking comfortablly about their own artwork. Its also an opportunity to them to respond to each others artwork or talk about famous works of art. I know that this site has been quite popular in the ed-tech community recently, but one of the nice things (that I didn't realize) was that you can create multiple voice 'comments' on individual presentations.

For a recycling theme, one teacher suggested googling the terms fusing plastic bags, for doing so creates a fairly flexible medium out of a material that is well known for not being environmentally friendly. Another teacher suggested using plastic tape sculptures (I suggested they check out Rebbeca Burch's project based on the work of artist Mark Jenkins).

As our conversation moved to 3d art, one of the teachers mentioned that his students are getting into making three dimensional paper craft projects found on thet canon papercraft site. I mentioned that the combination of Pepakura and Google Sketchup (which is still a popular post here a year later) is a fantastic way of having the kids create their own paper craft models.

Our presenter allowed me to close out the session by promoting Art Ed 2.0 so hopefully we'll see a few new faces from some east asian regional schools there!


  1. Anonymous said...
    so that's what you were doing on your ibook writing about what was going on around you. Well done. I love your images on your blog.I have a digital imaging course and would love some new ideas for engaging projects. Do you know of anyone I could get in touch with? Kendra ISB Beijing
    dsgran said...
    Hi Kendra-

    Sure! First of all, check out the community of art ed teachers at that site i mentioned :


    The teachers there are always posting inspiring ideas and responding to inquerries like yours.

    Also, feel free to email me at david.gran@saschina.org or dsgran@yahoo.com


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