The Facsimile Dilemma

Is a copy of an artwork, art? What about a print? And a poster? And what about a photocopy? Is copying someone else's work without their permission wrong, and is it any less of an artwork? As art teachers, we probably have an immediate reaction to these questions. In fact, it probably reveals how you might feel about Andy Warhol. His work is and was controversial--not so much for the subject matter but because of the trend he started in pushing the art world to accept a pluralistic approach to art. That is, art has many layers of meaning, with many approaches, created by many different kinds of people for different reasons. That's why his brillo box tested the very notion of artmaking--how is it different from the one failed abstract artist James Harvey made for commercial purposes?

Can you tell which one is Warhol's and which Harvey's?

I'm working with a student right now who will be writing an extended essay (a 12 pg. paper) on this very issue. If you're interested in this too, the best thing to do is read Arthur Danto's "Beyond The Brillo Box".

-rey rey


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