The Real Pornography

This video that has been making the rounds throught the tubes of the internets. I've passed it by a few times because everytime it pops up, the headline has something to do with "High School Student Uses Pornography in Student Film".


However, a quote on Boing Boing from the student who created the video gave me reason to stop and take a look:

My goal was to have a video in contrast to the one-dimensional views we are fed by the media on everything surrounding the war on terror, from the history of US intervention in the middle east to the economy and compromises to liberty, incite all forms of emotions from the viewer within the 15-minute timespan (sexy, funny, depressing) while still being entertaining and educational.


The headlines are entirely misleading because there doesn't seem to be any controversy about the student using (worskafe/schoolsafe) footage from a porn flick in his video. No, the reason that this is worth watching because its a remarkably powerful social commentary on the war on terror, using a combination of found footage, work in the creative commons, and funny home-made voice overs. Moreover, its examination of the current state of the nation shows a rich understanding about what is the real pornography.

Kid Does His War on Terror School Project using Porn (Clean) from Arman Noory on Vimeo.

To me, this is just a great example of how even at the high school level- a well thought out and executed project can make a meaningful statement that resonates on a global level without a huge budget or professional equipment. This video has over 77,000 hits already.


  1. Arman said...
    Thanks for enjoying and posting my video, brother.

    ---Michael--- said...
    One wonders about truth... who tells it, who owns it, whether when told it will be received or believed. One wonders the same about a lie, but history has shown us that lies find ready ears, and that the displacement of truth by lies is the handiest weapon of dictatorship.
    Anonymous said...
    Projects and people like this, using the internet to spread a message Bush and those who control him don't want us to hear, are the reason why the government's newest target for war is the internet. America is always at war with something. Our government knows it's citizens must be kept in a perpetual state of fear in order that they be easily controlled. Since I have been alive there was the cold war, the war on drugs, the war on terror. Watch as the internet becomes the next public enemy. They are starting already. Count how many stories are currently being put out by the press about internet stalkers and pedophiles on the internet. This is too keep kids from surfing the web and finding projects like this.

    Thank God rebellion is what youth is all about.

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