1. lilliodillo said...
    Oh my!
    What a romantic(?) ending. I will have to revisit that image again!
    I met a couple of 20-something rail-riding "tramps" when I was picking up my mother from the bus stop a couple of weeks ago. Like any good retired school teacher, she had befriended them despite copious pierceings and tattoos. As it turns out, Bulldog and Mike are artists making a film about freight car graffiti. They shared this site with me:
    and I've enjoyed it quite a bit. It's mainstream and sidestream, all at once. Hope you enjoy it, too!
    dsgran said...
    Hey Lilliodillo- what a great story- and a great website! thanks for sharing it. I've noticed from your blog that you share an interest in graffiti art. How do you deal with it in your own classroom?

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