Horrible Day

The first thing I heard when I landed back in Shanghai yesterday was that The Sichuan province was hit by a massive earthquake, the results of which have been absolutely devastating. Particularly tragic are the stories of collapsed schools among other catastrophes that brought the death toll to about 10,000.

Thanks to everyone who emailed asking if Kim and I are ok, we are, and your concern is so much appreciated.

Update: This event has me thinking a little bit more about the whole "what can we do?" factor, and while I don't have any answers, I did stumble upon this page about 10 ways to change the world through social media. An interesting article about 2.0 activism.

Update 2: The Shanghaiist has some resources if you'd like to help.


  1. Anonymous said...
    the Teplins are thinking of you and Kim. We pray for the people of China. As always you are in our thoughts.
    dsgran said...
    Hi Teplins,
    You guys are the best- thanks for your thoughts, its a scary world sometimes.

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