McCain and Design Theft

On Tuesday, June 3rd, Obama clinched the democratic nomination for president, and I have to say that its one of the best birthday gifts ever (although the Wii that Kim bought me comes startlingly close).  If you didn't already have enough reasons to not vote for John McCain this fall (granted, I can't imagine that anyone who bothers to read a blog about progressive art education would even consider it in the first place... I mean, "progressive" "art" and "education" all in one sentence would probably give most conservative voters a nervous tic) - here's another reason not to vote for him- design theft.  

Or, at least, the person in charge of his design staff has 'appropriated' the key elements of Obama's signature logo.  Check out the picture on the side.  Red and white striped landscape, a sunset against a blue backdrop.  Yeah, that's the same logo that I mentioned a few months ago, as an example of excellent design.  If that wasn't enough- the new catch phrase?  "A Leader We Can Believe In".  Hmmm... sounds familiar - kind of like "Change We Can Believe In".   Uh, yeah...  It's lucky his name isn't John O'Cain or he probably would have just nicked the whole thing.

The point I'm coming to here, is that both campaign's are proving what Dan Pink suggested in "A Whole New Mind" - that design is  a key element to changing the world.  Design helps us connect visually with an audience and links our message with a mental picture.  We are a visual society, over saturated with media - for better or worse, and abstract concepts are given root in our minds with mental images.  The image of the sun rising (presumably on a new day) in the Obama logo resonates with us in his message of change and hope.   

In the McCain logo it's just silly.


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