Light Painting

Its been more than 3 years since I posted about PipsLabs 3D Light Graffiti, although it remains one of my favorite finds. I'm looking forward to doing a light graffiti project with my students this year, and here's a helpful little tutorial:


  1. magazine lover said...
    wow. simply amazing... i will try that light painting..
    Kitty Maverick said...
    I believe that the first time I read about light painting was on NG, when the photographer decide to "light paint" Stonehedge. Three words: It was awesome!

    Looking foward to the up coming works, Mr. Gran!
    craigr said...
    Found this stop-motion animation on DailyMotion that uses light writing in it.
    dsgran said...
    KM- thanks! How is your summer going?
    CR- excellent! I'm going to have my students do some work with that this year, the more resources the better.

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