A Match Made in Heaven

Star Wars in Art photoshopping contest on Worth 1000.  Pictured: Girl With an R2D2 Earring.  Could it be better than the original? 

Ok, back to work!


  1. awalk said...
    In the movie, "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" has slow fade from a pose of the actress to the masterpiece at the very end. With this fade, the painting almost surpassed “Song of the Lark’ on my list of top 5 masterpieces.

    With the “The Girls with the Pearl Earring” I have never seen a lost edge done so nicely. This is the key the to work….the lost edge of the pearl and the amazing rich texture provided by the wonderful color choices in layering colors for the background.
    dsgran said...
    awalk, thanks for adding a little bit of insight to one of my... more silly posts. That's a really excellent point - thanks for the contribution.

    Beautiful work on your blog, by the way!

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