If you missed our first session last sunday, we had a great discussion in Second Life with David Warlick, Alan Levine, and my co-host Chris Smith on his very own amazing creation, International School Island (click here to see it for yourself).    We were also joined by special guest host Jeff Utecht, who will be joining us again this Sunday to round out our panel.  

We'll also be welcoming back David to continue our discussion, as well as welcoming  Ewen McIntosh, a national adviser for Learning and Technology Futures in Scotland.   

Hopefully this time my connection will work better- second life can be a bit 'buggy' sometimes.  When it gets bad, voices cut out, you can fall through the floor into the sea, and sometimes everyone spontaneously appears to have changed gender for some reason- can you imagine how awkward a work day would be if that stuff happened in first life?

Also, don't forget our following Sunday Session, September 14th, our Organizer's Open Forum, in which will be discussion the conference and answering questions.


6:00am S.L. time (California)
9:00am New York time
2:00pm UK time
5:00pm Dubai time
8:00pm Bangkok time
9:00pm Hong Kong/China time


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