Finally it was time for a break.  After months of putting together the Shanghai Student Film Festival, working on the Rotoball Project, and doing that other job I have in my spare time - the end of all that work had to be celebrated with a much needed break.  We took a trip down to Hangzhou, a beautiful city about three hours out of Shanghai that is a little more relaxed and a little more scenic- temples and pagodas in rolling hills surround the gorgeous West Lake. 

Although the weather didn't hold out for us, we had a great walk around part of the lake and saw Impressions of West Lake, one of Zhang Yimou's trilogy of folk musicals staged on bodies of water around China.  I took a bunch of photos of the amazing performance, as well as some long exposure shots - I consider those Light Paintings to be a collaboration between Yimou and myself...

This is the second of Yimou's trilogy that Kim and I have seen - we saw Impressions of Liu Sanjie in Yangshou two years ago, and now I'm kicking myself for passing up a chance to see Impressions of Lijiang when we were there last year.   

The rest of our photos from Hangzhou can be seen here - and don't let the sign fool you, its actually a very art-friendly city.


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