This year, the Shanghai Student Film Festival grew in three important ways.  The first was, of course, the inclusion of our inspirational guest speaker.  Scott's classroom visits and presentations instilled a creative energy all over our campus and the other schools involved.  The second was that it was apparent to everyone who had been here for both years that the festival had 'grown up' - the students this year have a deeper understanding as to what it takes to make a good film.  Hopefully each year will set the bar a little higher.

That leads to the third change which, I believe, will help raise that bar even further.  Organized by Amanda DeCardy, we kicked off this year's festival with teacher and student run workshops.  Middle School and High School students had the opportunity to choose classes like "Make a Film in 80 Minutes", "Animation", and "Acting for Film" offered by teachers from participating schools. Even more meaningful were our students teaching students workshops. Some of my IB Film and Digital Video students led a variety of workshops- Meagin ran a workshop on Foley Sound (that's her working with Scott's daughter Sky in the first picture), Cailin taught students about Green Screening (she posed for that shot if you hadn't guessed), and Eugene and Kai did a presentation on Film Analysis. By all accounts the students were engaged and learned a lot.

It's clear to me, that beyond the opportunity to share product in the context of the film festival, this was an excellent opportunity for the students to share process as well.


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