The Dear Librarian herself, Ann Krembs has a great post about Prezi on her blog today, and I don't just mention it because she gave me a shout out for my own Prezi on creating a film festival. I have mentioned Prezi here before, in the context of creating that presentation, but in my reply to Ann's post, I realized I didn't quite say all that I had wanted to say about it.  

This is what I wrote about why I love Prezi:
Dear Librarian,
Thanks for the shout out, and nice job on your Prezi as well. I’m really fascinated by the possibilities of this new presentation software, because its a brilliant hybrid of traditional presentations (i.e. Powerpoint) and mind mapping software (i.e. inspiration). This new combination allows you to organize your ideas in a much more intuitive way- and present them in a more intuitive way.

How you organize your presentation also provides information for your viewers about how the ideas are linked. Is one slide next to the one that comes after it, is it on top, or below…. or is it embedded in the one that comes before it? If its embedded, is it the same kind of frame or different, if its smaller- how much smaller?

These deceptively simple choices provide a huge amount of context for how the information your presenting relates to each other.

I’m also very intrigued by what Scott McCloud has to say about Prezi, as it ties into his concept of an Infinite Canvas.

There are a number of rich explorations on that Infinite Canvas page that explore how meaning is formed, not just from the juxtaposition of the images themselves, but the placement of images within that juxtaposition.


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