IB Art Workbooks

IB Art is by far, the most challenging class I've taught. In addition to projects, students are required to research, reflect, analyze, and explore in their IB Workbooks to the tune of 4-5 pages a week. The students seem pretty up to the challenge. It's a great class. However, getting the workbook 'right' is no easy task. Its not a sketchbook, its not a journal, its not a notebook, and its not a scrapbook. Its all of those things, and more. I created this slide show to help them think about how to approach their workbook. The second half of the slideshow deals with how to use the book to approach a project, and ends with an introduction to our next project.

If you teach IB Art, or use integrated work books in your class, feel free to use/edit/adapt for your purposes. This is available for download here.


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