Minimalist and More

I have to admit it, I'm kind of in love with Graphic Nothing's (Gary Clarke's) Movie posters for Minimalists. They remind me of those flimsy classic paperbacks you used to see in bookstores for a dollar (do they still sell those? I'm really out of touch with real world bookstores now).

It strikes me as an interesting project for students- communicate as much as possible, with as little as possible, as in this poster for Star Wars (What? Too soon for another geek post? Deal.). These are the rules that Clarke set for this project:
The vague rules were a circle, lowercase text & one or two images (not from the film) that relate to something in the film (which will not probably make sense unless you've seen the film!)

Sounds like a great challenge, and you could easily swap out those rules for other similar limitations.

Also check out his Child's Guide to Insects and Other Bugs - an investigation into the relationship between golden mean and entomology in the context of children's illustration. Maybe its just the 'about-to-be-a-dad' in me speaking, but I think I love these as much as his film posters. Heck, just check out his various sets- in many of them, you'll find a set of challenges he created for himself in taking something old and making it new. You'll likely find some inspiration here in the way he imposes limitations to explore new ideas.

Serendipitous Update: A tweet from The Mac Lab directed me towards these fantastic posters at Seek and Speak- between these two artists, I feel the need to completely redecorate the art room. Here's a poster for another one of my favorite films.


  1. Mike Skocko said...
    Not all as minimal, but very clean design at The Small Stakes:

    Mike Skocko said...
    Oops! Better link:


    (Multiple galleries)
    dsgran said...
    Thanks Skocko- those are fantastic! Shows you how out of the pop culture I am though, I recognize only a hand full of those bands!

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