One From the Surrealists

The burden of the art teacher is, of course, that we never have time for our own art. Kim and I are trying to fight that trend, although it gets harder and harder as it gets closer to baby time (at which point I'm sure we'll have all the time in the world...). So, one of the things we've done is to get a little creative and start a themed dinner club. This idea came from a dinner club that the Surrealists used to do - the famous example was that everyone had to provide a food that was a small white cube. Maybe that will be our next attempt.

Our first theme was simply "Pablo Neruda" - I don't remember where that came from exactly, but it was enough to get the creative juices going. Since he lived in so many different places during his life throughout Europe and South America, it provided plenty of opportunity to think about making dishes from those cultures. I took inspiration from my dish from his poem, Ode to a Large Tuna in the Marketplace - focusing on the image of the fish on a fresh bed of greens surrounded by grapes. Unfortunately, you can't depend on the food you want being readily available in China, so the meal became an 'ode to tilapia' instead.

All around you
were lettuces,
sea foam
of the earth,
of the ocean
of the unknown,
of the
shadow, the
of the sea,
the abyss,
only you had survived,
a pitch-black, varnished
to deepest night.


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