Save the Arts in PA

I've added this badge to the sidebar down the left hand column. As an equally proud Philadelphian and art educator, it brings me no end of sadness that my home state passed a horrific bill eliminating state arts funding.

Save the Arts in PA is fighting this through a new series of Artless Wednesdays. Some museums will be dimming their lights, some will be covering their canvases with black cloths. What can you do for Artless Wednesday?

Stand up for art in schools. If you are a Pennsylvania educator, or even if you're not, let your voice be heard. Residents can sign the petition, and contact their local congressman. Everyone can join the Facebook cause. The investment in the creativity of the students is something that affects us all.


  1. Kim said...
    I guess we're never moving back to the States now. = (
    dsgran said...
    We'll have to move back at some point- gotta join the fight after all.
    Girbino said...
    This is horrific--so shortsighted. If they are struggling financially, they should carve away at the testing budget.
    dsgran said...
    Of course! But if they carve away the testing budget, we rob the children of their future opportunities to be professional standardized test takers!

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