King of Photoshop?

I found this interesting article over at Gizmodo entitled Norman Rockwell: The Original King of Photoshop. I'm not sure I agree with the premise; that because he created his paintings out of composites of various photos that he was a sort of 'pre-photoshop photoshopper'. Using various models together as studies for a final image (photographic or not) is an age old technique. However, seeing the photographs that Rockwell used along side the finished project would be great for students.

I have this feeling that when most students look at the work of professional/successful artists, they imagine that they are just so good that they are able to paint or draw whatever they want from their minds. That's why I love any resource I can find that shares the resources, research, trials, sketches, and reference material that artists have drawn upon.

I don't know about you, but I think I need this book for my shelf.

In fact, this would come at the perfect time for our current IB Art lesson (if I could easily pick this book up in China). Students are creating self portraits that have coded messages about themselves, their histories and their cultures. For this project, I have had them collect reference material from their homes, photo albums, and mixed this with images that they are either photographing or taking from life.

...and look! The Rockwell book is sold together with Imaginative Realism (blogged about earlier here) for a reduced price. Its my lucky day!

Now if only I could get Amazon to throw me a dime for shilling for them, it would really be my lucky day...


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