This was quite an exciting year for The Rotoball Project. By popular demand, we opened the project to any kind of animation at all- and that is what we got. In addition to rotoscoping, Rotoball 2010 features 3D animation, tweened animations, frame by frame animations, pixilations, brick films (animations made with legos), and even some live video integrated with animation. However, what I really love about this year's contributions are how much the cultures of the school art department communities came out in the final videos. For example, our collective group effort now includes the brick films that Kris Fontes' class is famous for (speaking of brick films...) , a mini art advocacyfugelflick, and some great rotoball/famous movie mashups from Heather Swan's class (hi Huntington!). I could go on. Each school took their own spin on the project, and within those differences, each student created their own unique response.

I'm proud to present our third annual installment, Rotoball 2010:


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