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Phoebe is a local photographer who uses her blog as a place to show sneak peaks of projects that she's working on, explore the use of her lenses, and share both her artistic experiments and successes. That's what I love about her blog- she takes you through all parts of her creative process. Check out, for example, this fantastic shot of her capturing a bee in flight with her new macro lens:

She also does great studio shots of children:

Phoebe's love of photography is evident in her blog, which was her own idea, and not a class requirement...

(Phoebe is in the 9th grade here in my intro to photography class).


  1. Frank Zweegers said...
    Nice photo with the flying bee. Thanks for sharing!
    Affordable Stock Images Philippines said...
    Yeah,right great pictures. Love the second one, the baby looks very lovely. How cute.

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