Its been over a month since we concluded our Shanghai Student Film Festival, but thanks to some unexpected ash clouds and union difficulties, the festival lives on!

This week, storyboard artist and concept designer Tony Wright visited some of the S2F2 participating schools to talk to classes about his process of defining the look of a film from the text of the script. As a storyboard and concept artist, Tony is largely responsible for defining the first 'look' of the film as it is translated from words to image.

One idea that he brought up that resonated with me (and with the students, I hope) is how much must be considered in that translation. As a visual language, the story in a good film must be told through images - nowhere is that more clear than in the creation of a good storyboard.

In addition, Tony treated us to samples of his work, including storyboards from the Harry Potter series, The Golden Compass, and The Talented Mr. Ripley, as well as some concept design work he did on The Phantom Menace. In the picture above, he's showing the class his concept design for the 'dark mark' in The Goblet of Fire.

Special thanks to Tony for his flexibility and generosity with his time. This was a great opportunity for students to see first hand not only the important roles that visual artists play in film, but also the artistic vision that is needed to bring those films to life.


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