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Paint the World With Light is the first digital media challenge from The Student Creative, a book of student light paintings from around the world. The goal of this project was to have students use long exposure photography to show the unique character of their own communities.

When you purchase a copy of the book, you paint the world with a little more light; all of our profits go towards the Jacaranda Foundation, a school for AIDS orphans in Malawi. For more information on this and future projects, visit the Student Creative Website.

For more information on the Jacaranda School, please visit the Jacaranda Foundation's Website.

As a sad postscript, I would like to add that this book is dedicated to the memory of my mentor at Teachers College who passed away last week. Renee Darvin was a fierce advocate for Art Education, whose passion for the arts affected thousands upon thousands of students through her work as a teacher, a professor, an administrator, and Director of Art Education for the city of New York.

We'll miss you greatly Renee, thank you for everything.


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    Rey Rey said...
    great dedication to renee! she was great. nice job on the book!

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