Adobe Education Challenge

The new Adobe Education Exchange has some truly amazing resources, thanks in part to the recent challenge that they offered to submit your best digital lessons and ideas. Adobe has just announced that the winners are in.

By Author Name
I'm thrilled to announce that our first two projects from The Student Creative were both listed as 'runners up'! Paint the World With Light (buy your copy now, proceeds still benefit the Jacaranda School in Malawi) is our first book of student light paintings from 20 schools around the world. Our new project, Float, got a 'runner up' nod as well- even though we haven't officially begun! Congratulations to all the teachers that participated (and will participate), and especially to Matt Cauthron (another art ed rock star) and Mike Skocko, my co-conspirators collaborators on these projects. More news on Float coming very soon...

A big congratulations to Nicole Dalesio, who in addition to having three tutorials listed as 'runners up' won first prize for her tutorial on using Photoshop to make scratch art:

Nicole also submitted this tutorial on rotoscoping in Photoshop, which might be of great interest to anyone looking to try something new for The Rotoball Project.

Be sure to also check out her Vimeo page- lots of really creative uses of Photoshop to be found there through her fantastic tutorials. Congrats Nicole!


  1. M. Cauthron said...
    Rock on fellow R'stars!
    Nicole said...
    Yeah! Lovin' it! Congrats to you too! Nicole
    dsgran said...
    You guys are both rock stars. Seeing what you do with your students is one of the things that keeps me jazzed for trying new stuff in my own classes. Thank you both.

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