Pop & Rock Stars

Last night as I was reading through my favorite art ed blogs & sites, I came across two incredible and inspiring stories of teachable moments in the art room. The first is from Tricia Fuglestad's elementary art room at Dryden elementary school. Tricia was doing a lesson on pop art dogs (pup art, of course), and one frustrated student discarded a drawing he saw as a mistake.

With the help of her class, Tricia turned that mistake into the new pop sensation that is Shark Dog. Read the full story here, and then buy the schwag. Hello Shark Dog t-shirt! Seriously, this thing needs to get its own tv show. Or at least be a logo for something. If only it was a Shark Carrot...

He's got laser paint eyes! Love it!

On the other side of the country and opposite end of the k-12 spectrum, Mike Scocko's students made this amazing music video for a local band, and have gained national attention. Mike describes a number of teachable moments (as well as a disclaimer about the lyrics*) in which the students learned about fighting for their artistic vision, and making real-world compromises and decisions.

I've had the great honor of collaborating with both Tricia and Mike on a few different projects, and am in constant awe of what happens in their classrooms. Talk about rock stars!

*Note to Mike- after listening to your lengthy disclaimer, I was prepared for the worst. I put the baby to bed and waited for the wife to fall asleep. I even sent the cats out of the room. Turns out it wasn't so bad after all. Have you heard what ELSE is on the radio?


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