Today I'm going to throw out a bunch of resources and links that I've found recently, or have dug up to use in my

One of my students sent me this terrific link of out of print instructional drawing books from Andrew Loomis. Great reference material for just about any HS art class.

My IB Film students are just starting to plan out their final narrative videos. We've been spending the last few days on writing prompts (except today, but that's another story). Most sites that I've found have some pretty lame writing prompts. However, I've found some pretty interesting ideas at Language is a virus and Plot Scenario Generator. Both can be hit or miss, but then I suppose that's going to be the case with prompts in general. Distractionbeast's BRAINSTORMER has a great interface - similar to The Idea Generator, but a little cleaner.

Although we've covered this before, Kurt Vonnegut has a great explanation of drama here. Teacher Rob McMinn has some fantastic powerpoint presentations up on slideshare that together constitute a goldmine for any IB Film teacher. I just showed the students his explanation of how to write a screenplay, but his shot-by-shot breakdowns of films are truly fantastic. For example, here's part one of his brilliant breakdown of Jaws:

Part II:
...and there's more where that came from.


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