Let Art Rock the Edublogs!

I'm a big fan of many of the deserving sites I've seen grab an edublog award in the past, but have been a bit disappointed in the lack of showing of art education sites. So this year I'm going to nominate some (can't nominate all) of my faves:

Best Individual Blog: The Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet
Best group blog: The Teaching Palette
Best new blog: Art Tech Education
Best class blog: The Mac Lab
Best resource sharing blog: Art is Messy
Best teacher blog: Learning IT
Best librarian / library blog: Tech Library Classroom
Best educational tech support blog: The Thinking Stick
Best educational use of video / visual: Fugleflicks
Best educational wiki: DATA
Best educational use of a social network: Digital Arts Education
Best educational use of a virtual world: International Schools Island
Best use of a PLN: Art Education 2.0

If you have an art blog or website, post your favorites! Let art rock the edublogs this year!


  1. Theresa McGee said...
    I agree! Art education blogs need to be included in the edublog awards. Art Education is an essential part of 21st century skills! The arts inspire Creativity, Craftsmanship, and are Connected to our lives. Thanks for the great list!
    Hillary said...
    What a great idea!! We need to really speak up for all the great content, ideas and learning going on in art rooms around the world!
    dsgran said...
    Thanks Theresa and Hillary, I think those are great points- I see so much embracing of 21st century skills and global outreach in art education - and early adoption on top of that.

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