Art Is Rocking the Edublogs

...and you can help!
I am so excited to see such a great showing of art blogs this year! I have to admit a little bit of special pride for all my friends (and family!) who have been nominated. Be sure to cast your vote for these wonderful art education blogs:

1. Best Group Blog: The Teaching Palette - Vote Here!

2. Best New Blog: New City Arts - Vote Here!

3. Best Class Blog: The Mac Lab - Vote Here!

4. Best Resource Blog: Art is Messy - Vote Here!*

5. Best Use of Video/Visual: Fugelflicks - Vote Here!

6. Best Use of a PLN: DATA Ning - Vote Here!

7. Best Educational Wiki: Matt Cauthron's The Student Creative and DATA Wikis have both been nominated. Matt has indicated that he'd prefer votes for his sites to go towards the DATA wiki (what a nice dilemma to be in though- having two sites nominated to be in competition with each other!).

8. Although not technically an art blog (or a blog at all for that matter), International Schools Island has great resources for all disciplines in Second Life, including art. Its up for Best use of a Virtual World, and anyway, ISI proprietor Chris Smith is a real swell guy. Vote here!

9. And since we're veering off the topic of art, you might want to check out my good friend Jeff's The Thinking Stick for best educational tech support blog. Vote here!

*Yes, that's my wife's blog! Congrats my dear!


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