Recut Trailers

Back when I started this blog almost six years ago, I came across this fantastic spoof trailer for The Shining, which I suggested would be a great lesson for talking about the power of editing. I finally used it as a project for my IB Film One class this year, and love the results!

A few of the students haven't uploaded their trailers yet, but here's the first few. If you're curious about what The Game would look like as a love story, or the horror film Amelie, have a look. You'll also see a trailer for a film about crazed obsession (Meshes of the Afternoon), Kurasawa's Horror Masterpiece, Stray Dogs, and the story of a man who takes a stand against cruelty to living-impared humans, Shaun of the Dead.

Here's a link to the playlist on youtube.


  1. Frank@learningIT said...
    These are great. Did you simply download the trailers and recut them?
    Send your students my congrats.
    dsgran said...
    Hi Frank,
    Thanks! No I ripped all the films that the students watch for their analysis. They then selected shots from the film and edited together an entirely new trailer.
    positive affirmation said...
    nice blog.., i love those carrots

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