Tagging onto David's great perspective towers project... here is a great resource for teaching perspective. Vanishing Point: Perspective for Comics From the Ground Up by Jason Cheeseman-Meyer breaks perspective principles down into clear, concise steps, walking through one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective techniques, including complex forms and figures in each. My absolute favorite - and the one that is sure to wow your students - is the four and five-point curvilinear perspective techniques, which create a wide angle view like the one on the book's cover.

Goodbye, old, boring perspective manual. ...Perspective drawing just got a lot funner!


  1. Elyse said...
    Hi! This looks like fun. How do I tag onto it?
    noskill1343 said...
    Wow, expert drawing, I like the style.
    Anonymous said...
    This is a great idea for making teaching perspective relevant to my class. I had never thought about comics as being ideal examples of perspective drawings before. Many of my class are interested in computer graphics and comic style drawings so this is a great way to hold their interest. I will definitley be checking out this book - Thank you.

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