A New Perspective

We're back at our Perspective Towers project in our Foundations Art class, and just for fun, I showed the class Dick Termes' great explanation of 1 though 6 point perspective.  Until now, I've taught 1-3, and for fun I showed them how to do 4 this year.  To be honest, I'd never given 5 or 6 point perspective much thought, but one of my ninth graders, Esther, got really into the idea of pushing this project further and figured out 5 point perspective on her own.  In order to demonstrate it to the class, she found this fantastic video -which we'll watch tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Esther's on to figuring out 6 point perspective (which apparently involves drawing on a sphere).  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it, but she's determined...


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