A few years ago I heard this great quote by Chuck Close in an interview on Fresh Air.

Inspiration is for amateurs. I Just get to work.

I still use that quite often in my classroom.  This video, in which Close sends a message to his 14 year old self with this exact message is, if you'll excuse the irony, inspirational:


  1. Ibrahim Aziz said...
    It's true !,
    i admit it myself, i'm an amateur graphic and web designer, usually it takes a few hours to find an inspiration for my work, but th truth is, if you try to draw at first place, it will create something anyway, and the more you try, the better it goes, just get to work !.
    TJX said...
    Nice one, don't waste you time waiting for inspiration, just try it, even it's not looks really good at the first time, the trial and error process will make it better eventually.

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