Rotoball 2014!

For those of you on the edge of your seats, still waiting almost a year later to find out what happened to Rotoball 2013... it never got finished.  I was overloaded with work last year, and I had less projects than in previous years, and so my goal this year is to take all the wondeful work that didn't get included and 'roll' it into Rotoball 2014.   

For those of you new to the project, Rotoball is an annual massive multiplayer art project that is made up of 15 second animations of a ball entering the screen from the left hand side and exiting in the right.  What happens in between is up to you and your students. Any form of animation is accepted, and the greater the variety the better (the name rotoball comes from the process of 'rotoscoping', but we've moved away from that limitation a few years ago).

If you'd like further information, please check out the site, and contact me to sign up!


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