Three New Projects!

And we're back!  With not one, but three, count 'em three projects from the Student Creative this year.

The first project is the 8th annual Rotoball Project.  In this iteration, once again, the emphasis remains on a creative approach to what happens in the 15 seconds of animation that the ball appears on the screen in a new or unique way.  Once again, although the project gets its name from 'rotoscoping' - any kind of animation is acceptable.  Video is acceptable as well, as long as the ball is somehow animated.

The second project, BOT challenges your students to create artwork that is inspired and/or assisted by machines.  This project can be 3D printed-drone filmed-automated-fab labbed or break out thos traditional materials and make a drawing or painting of your favorite plastic-pal-whose-fun-to-be-with.   Works from our BOT project will go into our 6th book of student work available from the

Student Creative.

Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they ask me to pose for their art project.

Finally, this year we are introducing Sketches of the City - our first collaborative video project. Through a series of open ended creative challenges and conscripted video assignments, students all over the world will film their cities.  The footage will be sent to Shanghai, where we will assemble a final cut.  This final video will be set to an original symphony of the same title, written by film composer Rolf Becker.  We've got some exciting news in the works for this project, so start filming now!

In order to participate, head over to The Student Creative Website, click on whichever projects you are interested in and sign your classes up!


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