Great Film Resources

Hey film teachers!  I've been sitting on a few film resources here, meaning to post them.  Now that the IB Film classes are finished, I finally have a moment to share some of these gems again.   The first is a  great article by Matt Zoller Seitz, who carefully articulates what good film criticism looks like.  The article focuses on how criticism should be more focused on film form and less on the entertainment and surface issues of filmmaking. Please Critics, Write About the Filmmaking.

A second excellent article was recently featured in the New York Times.  Editor Brent White discusses how much influence the editor has in the final stage of the filmmaking process.  I always find that this is the hardest idea to articulate in class - that editing is more than just a final assembly, but a critical step in the creative process. Walter Murch wrote that his edit is essentially the final draft of the screenplay.  White articulates that further here, specifically as it applies to Comedy. The Man Who Makes the Worlds' Funniest People Even Funnier.

Finally, if you haven't yet discovered Tony Zhou's excellent series, Every Frame a Painting- you must.  Not only will your students learn more about film analysis, but he does the whole video essay thing so well.  In fact, he even has a video essay about video essays:



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