Cars, Bread & Creativity

I am a huge fan of Pixar.  When the film historians of the future look back on this time period, Pixar will be seen as a transformative force, both creatively and technically. Even though Cars might not ever be considered a masterpiece, I love how this anecdote about problem solving demonstrates the ingenuity of their creative process:

...and speaking of ingenuity and process... I've been meaning to post this video that I've been using with my filmmaking classes this year.  Although making toast might not seem to be an inherently creative activity - it has worked wonders to transform our storyboarding process:

Of course, this process could be adapted to any creative process, but I've found it particularly useful for storyboarding.  After "learning how to make toast" the students use this process to arrange and rearrange elements of their stories- both to reexamine individual shots and reframe conceptual ideas in their films.  For more information about how you can make toast yourself, check out the Draw Toast website.


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