Two different ideas came across my various news feeds today. The first was this great video essay that analyzes some of the ways in which color informs storytelling in film:

Then I was looking at these... 129 "most beautiful shots in film history" and thinking about the use of color.  Initially I was thinking that this would b e a great opportunity to discuss not just the use of color, but how much can be communicated in a single frame of film with my IB Film class.  Upon further reflection, this could be a great way to engage students in a traditional art class to think more about composition as well.

Often times I've found, as you may have, that it takes some time to help students analyze a painting.  With a film still, there is an implied story - it is easy to get students to imagine what the rest of the scene or film might be be about from context clues. 

In this way, these film stills could be an excellent segue for analysis between a more familiar and comfortable medium to something that might be more unusual and foreign to students.


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