An organization called Hal 9000 (Open the pod bay doors, Hal) Iconos has posted an 8.6 gigapixel photograph of the fresco Vita di Christo by Guadenzio Ferrari. I had not previously been familiar with this painting, but now 8.6 billion pixels later, I feel that I know it quite well. For those who, like me, are mathematically impaired, your standard digital camera is probably between 3 and 10 megapixels. Let's say, for arguments sake, that you've got a nice 8.6 megapixel camera. The photograph here has 1000 times the resolution.

This is quite likely the largest picture on the web. The flash enabled website, allows you to scroll around the picture at any distance; to look at the picture as a whole, or a tiny brushstroke.
While this is a great resource for your art history library, I just can't wait for museums to start getting their collection online with a similar resolution!


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