There is delight in seeing: in revealing a mystery, considering a new perspective,
discovering what was hidden.
-Cynthia Way, ICP Curriculum guide

What better way to end Spontaneous Photography Week than with an entire photography curriculum? I've only begun to scratch the surface of the International Center of Photography's very own Curriculum Guide, which is free for you to download as a .pdf and distribute. This is an invaluable resource for photography teachers; however there is a great deal here that will be of interest to any art teacher. For example, Chapter 3: Visual Literacy focuses on the importance of decoding meaning from visual cues and symbols. Chapter 5: Strategies for Developing Projects has good advice for any art curriculum:

When you develop a long-term project, you are building a structure out of concepts, which need to be clear, coherent, and manageable. Think of these concepts as dominoes, which can be arranged in multiple and winding patterns, but which need to line up with the right connection to one another in order to click together and reach the desired endpoint.

There's a lot to digest and reflect upon here, 17 chapters worth as well as some extras- do have a look.

From the ICP website: Generous support for this project came from Andrew and Marina Lewin, the GE Fund, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Cultural Challenge Program.


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