In an earlier post, I mentioned that one quality of a good photograph was to capture the unexpected. There's a whole bunch of stuff that I've been meaning to post, but I keep coming across these great photography websites, and I'm a sucker for a theme. Therefore, welcome to the Revolution's first Spontaneous Unintentional Photography Week. If "capturing the unexpected" works for a good photograph, maybe it works for a blog as well.


In addition to being a sucker for themes, I'm also a geek for DIY projects like Pinhole cameras. In fact, one of the first posts here was about a DIY Paper Camera. That was shortly followed by more pinhole links than you can shake a stick at. I really like Marcy Merrill's approach to making pinhole cameras out of altoids cans, because (a) her results are beautiful, and (b) I'm also an Altoids Can Fan (more of the can than the mints themselves- one of my former students who was an electronics wiz, built both an mp3 player and a video camera out of Altoids can - he didn't learn that from me).

Merill's cameras are a little more difficult to make than your simple pinhole, but the results sure make it look like that extra effort will pay off.

Photos are Copywright: Marcy Merill


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