Shanghainese Snowmen

The excitement of having a new material to work with is nowhere more evident than when kids get to build their first snowman.  Now, imagine what happens when a city that rarely sees snow and almost never gets any accumulation suddenly gets a good coating?  

Well, yes.   It is *very* hard to get around, since there isn't a snow shovel in sight, and people are on the streets clearing the snow with regular shovels and brooms.  

...but besides that, you get some very interesting snowmen.

This cool polar bear was sculpted from a giant snowball by one of our high school students. What is he looking at?

He's looking at this giant snowball, which was placed right in the center of one of the main thoroughfares of the school. Modern art? Or just an incomplete snowman bottom?

This local snow-woman is very Chinese. In other words, she's been made out of everyday objects transformed into a creative new use, and she's smoking a cigarette. That's a pipe nose, and a frayed garbage bag necklace.

Here's another Chinese snowman a local street. He's wearing red for Chinese New Year. This year is translated as "The Year of the Rat" in most Chinese restaurant place mats in the States, but here we're welcoming in the year of the mouse.

Happy Chinese New Year! Xin Nian Kuai Le!


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