...is already in full swing, and I've just noticed.  Between my posts about the IB film seminar and the great resources I found there, as well the unique Royksopp videos that Rey Rey found, it seems as if we've stumbled upon yet another... Unintentional Theme Week at the Revolution.

So, in the spirit of the week, I offer up another great little short, The First Time it Hits by Jason Budge for the UK Film Council. This simple yet engaging video features some fantastic fast paced editing for the short-attention-span-theater generation, as well as a great little pop-art sequence.

You can find information about this film (as well as others, including One Night, Two Cars mentioned here yesterday) at another great website for film resource: the British Film Institute. Their Education page has some great resources for teaching film and video, including access to various teaching materials, but does require a paid membership.

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