I Didn't Get the Memo!

As I scan some of Craig's recent postings at The Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet, I'm realizing that not only did I almost miss "Unintentional Film and Video Theme Week" here, I've just about missed "Unintentional Film and Video Theme Month". If you haven't looked recently, he's got everything from an informational video about Twitter to an old film of Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger.

I'd call special attention to two of his recent film and video based posts:

For those of you who are not yet members of Art Ed 2.0, check out his Video Primer.

He's also posted about this great animation resource from the National Film Board. If you're teaching animation or film- there's a bookmark for you.   I'm currently putting together a resource page for my IB Film students next year, and that will be an important addition. 

Thanks to Craig who (in the spirit of our unintentional theme week), unintentionally provided me with all the resources for my final unintentionally themed post.   

Remember to celebrate this week by watching a film that you wouldn't intentionally see otherwise*.

*The Carrot Revolution takes no responsibility if you intentionally choose to watch something like a Michael Bay movie.


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