IB FIlm Seminar

This weekend left me both exhausted and inspired.  I just flew back from Hong Kong  yesterday after a three day seminar about how to teach the International Baccalaureate  Film class, which I will be starting at our High School next year.  The task is a bit daunting- it is a lot of work, both for the students and myself-  but its also a great opportunity to explore the medium of film through analysis, history, and production- and I'm very excited.   It's also a very different approach to the moving image medium than the creative video classes I've taught.  Even though the medium the students will be working in themselves is 'digital video', the class is taught in the tradition of film, specifically narrative and documentary filmmaking.

One great thing about getting together with other video teachers was the swapping of resources.  

For example, Strictly Film School is a great resource that was pointed out to me by Rosie, an art and video teacher in Guangzhou.  Ian a video teacher from New Zealand pointed out this absolutely amazing program called Celtx, which meets almost all of your pre-production film or video needs - including scriptwriting, story-boarding, and other planning resources.

Finally, it was so exciting to see the video work that my video teachin' peers are doing with their students. Really incredible stuff.


  1. Elizabeth said...
    Where was the conference/training held in HK? A colleague and I are beginning an IB mentoring program at our art centre in Aberdeen, HK. (he has 4 years experience w/IB but I'm new at it)
    dsgran said...
    Hi Elizabeth,

    It was held at Renaissance College. Are you starting IB Art, IB Film, or both?

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