Remind me...

How does it work again? Remind me, by Royksopp.

And for another creative video:

maybe the granster could enlighten us on how to make a video like this one. I haven't a clue.



  1. leah said...
    This could very feasibly (and easily! rhyming! hahahahahahaha I'm done) be done with Flash and a bunch of still images you import to the Library. Just make sure to get very large images that don't get grainy when you zoom in on them.

    There could be a different, possibly more sophisticated way of doing this too, of course. Ask Darth Granninator.
    dsgran said...
    yeah, i think Leah hits the nail on the head. It could have been done with other programs (like Final Cut or After Effects) as well, but as far as i can tell the technique that she described would probably be the way to go about it.

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