Polaroid Returns!

Have you been filling that empty hole in your soul with freeware that mimics technology of days gone by? As much as I love my little desktop camera, nothing quite replaces the cheap clunky plastic box with the satisfying snap and churning gears.

Here's some news that will fill that empty awkward shaped space- polaroid cameras are coming back.

...and while there are plenty of ways to get that 'polaroid feeling' with programs like Poladroid or some crafty use of photoshop, you can't do neat things like polaroid transfers from your desktop.

Why now? Maybe because others have seen the inherent desire for instant photographic gratification?

Whatever their reason, I'm saving a budget line item and putting on my party hat.

Photo credit: Jeff Zoet.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Yeah! I'm looking forward to seeing a multitude of Polaroid photos all over the Internet.

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