Hello Summer! Things are still slow here at the Revolution, thanks in large part to spending some much needed quality time with my family. Of course, I've been taking lots of pictures of little Amaya (a.ka. 'The Bear'), which brings me to the subject of today's post. In the past I've mentioned a bunch of my favorite iTouch apps (here and here). This summer I've had a chance to play around with my mother's iPhone (yes, my mother has an iPhone and I don't. Please don't rub it in) and I am absolutely loving Hipstamatic, an app that mimics the look and feel of the cheap plastic cameras from the 70s and 80s. Complete with light leaks and poorly constructed viewfinder, this little camera yields some surprisingly good results. In fact, I had a hard time taking a picture I didn't like. For example, here are some pictures I took on our a little day trip to Vermont:

The fun doesn't stop there. You can mix and match films, lenses, and flashes. As my favorite photography site, Photojojo notes, there are 336 different combinations! 6 lenses + 7 flash options + 8 films = 336 different combinations. Their comprehensive guide to Hipstamatic and wall-o-hipsta-photos demonstrates the possibilities.

Also note that there are some adjustments you can make in the settings tab. Be sure to increase the quality of the photos- you'll want to keep these. There is also the option to randomize the settings on your camera- by shaking it. Nothing like adding a little more chaos to your photos- you might get some unexpected results.

To be honest, as much as a mac-geek as I am, I haven't been dying for an iPhone... until now...


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